What is Level 4, and how does it benefit Financial Consultants?

Who Are We?

A definitive guide to the most optimal route for you to take to achieve a level 4 professional qualification in financial services through the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) or London Institute of Finance & Banking (LIBF). Each method is explained and dissected with recommendations for training sites and other useful links.

We also provide a number of useful recommendations aimed at people involved with the Financial Services sector.


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Why Level 4?

The average day rate for a contractor working in PPI or complaints is £150. The average day rate for a contractor that is level 4 qualified is £275. £125 doesn’t appear much, but if you project that across a working year (48 weeks), that gives a difference of £30,000. Would you like to earn an additional £30,000 a year on top of what you’re already getting?