About Me

I’ve been working in Financial Services for over 15 years now. Like most of you, it’s something I fell into after University and, as I’ve gained more experience with increased earnings, it’s somewhere I’m likely to stay for the foreseeable future.

I started off working on a large Mortgage Endowment review, which gave me an insight into the world of contracting and large target related reviews whilst I was still employed. Working here I progressed through my Certificate in Financial Planning through the CII then switched to a pension windup project. I was the only person in the office that managed to successfully wind up a scheme during that period.

Doing the qualifications directed me towards the life of being a Financial Adviser, I applied to an IFA network and they agreed to take me on as a Para Planner with the intention to train me up as an adviser after a year. This provided great insight into the industry and gave me core skills in attention to detail which has benefited me in future contract roles. It also enabled me to complete my level 4 qualifications. Unfortunately, this was just prior to the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) and the company decided that there would be a freeze on recruiting any new advisers.

I decided to move on and switched to working as a Complaint Manager for the same company. This provided great exposure to compliance and working with the FOS. During this time it was apparent that an Investment Review was going to be conducted on my company, as I was liaising with the firms pitching for the business and luckily they allowed me to resign then rejoin as a contractor.

The first contract was as a File Review Manager for an investment review through one of the big 4 and transitioned into dealing with the review related complaints. Following this the consulting firm asked me to extend with them to QA the calculations on a PPI project. I remained in this position then worked as an SME for the end client on their FOS team. Then an opportunity came up to return to an investment review, as a QC and I worked on a s166 for one of the biggest UK banks. Currently, I am working on another investment review for another big bank and have transitioned from reviewing Investment Advice to Complex Remediation Calculations.