What is your attitude towards saving?

Before you read on, please note that the following is merely my thoughts and opinions and does in no way constitute financial advice. These days people tend to spend what they earn and then borrow some more to keep them going until payday. Interest rates are low and credit is relatively cheap, which has lead to… View Article

Which agencies should I register with / follow?

Several people have asked me which Contractor agencies to register with or follow therefore I have decided to compile a list to summarise for you. Agencies (to register with and follow): Alexander Mann Solutions Brightpool Capita Flexible Resourcing Cynergie Hazel Carr Huntswood KPMG Groveland Momenta Oblong Consulting Reed (ensure you select day rate roles rather… View Article

How to pass an Assessment Centre

Before being offered a contract the majority of projects require you to pass an assessment centre. Having a level 4 qualification will get you through the door, but this is another hoop that you will have to jump through before landing your desired role with the lucrative day rate. It will be extremely frustrating to… View Article