Do you find it frustrating that your employed friends who earn half as much as you do can borrow so much more on their mortgage, with better terms and less hassle? I know that I do! If you’ve ever spoken to a high street mortgage broker then you will know that they have absolutely no idea how to deal with contractors.

At the moment there’s only one specialist broker for contractors on the market and they charge a whopping £1,000 fee that is payable up front, even if you do not complete. If the deal does not complete they will retain this for your next application, but that’s a massive upfront cost when you have to factor in stamp duty, valuation, solicitors fees and all the other associated costs.

Their unique selling point is that they have access to specialist underwriters at the major providers who understand what contractors are and can calculate the lending terms based on their day rate rather than our tax efficient low salary and dividends.

I can give you access to a specialist broker that can provide all of the above at a massively reduced fee that is less than half of the above.

All you will need to provide them with is:

  • Proof of ID (Driver’s license, passport etc)
  • Proof of residency (Utility bill, bank statements etc)
  • Proof of income (Contract, Annual Accounts, SA302s etc)
  • Proof of deposit (Bank statements)
  • CV

This can all be sent via email and recorded delivery.

An Agreement in Principle can be arranged within 24 hours

Submit the following form if you want to benefit from this discounted rate and the specialist broker will be in touch with you straight away.


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