Private Medical Insurance

Private Medical Insurance is often a benefit that is enjoyed by middle to senior employed staff and tends to be viewed by contractors as an expensive luxury.  I have experienced private healthcare, NHS and a combination of the two and based on my experiences I am willing to pay for this benefit because if I am in serious need of medical care I want to be seen, worked on and rehabilitated ASAP.  The reason being, if I am unable to work, I do not get paid and that hits you hard on the bottom line.

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I injured my knee in 2009 and was unable to work, but I was covered by private medical insurance.  After visiting my GP I was referred for an MRI scan that took place the same week and then I was referred to see a specialist the following week.  He informed me that I had torn the ACL in my knee and would need reconstructive surgery then he booked me in for an operation in 2 weeks time.  Following the operation I was immediately seen by a private physiotherapist and they saw me each week for an hour until I was discharged.

The NHS also referred me to their rehab workshop with other people that had recently undergone knee, ankle and hip operations.  During this clinic I managed to speak to a few of the patients to compare our respective experiences.

The majority of them had gone through the NHS and they had to wait at least a month for their MRI scan.  Following that it was another 2-3 weeks before they saw a specialist.  Then there was a waiting list of 6 months to a year for their operation and their rehabilitation only involved 15 mins with a physiotherapist every 2 weeks.  They also had to take 3-6 months off work and needed help to perform daily activities.

In comparison I took 5 weeks off work and returned without crutches able to complete any regular daily activities.

I have partnered up with an excellent non profit firm whom I truly believe in; I have personally taken out their cover and have recommended it to my friends and family.

  • What is it?  Private Medical Insurance is basically to cover you in the event that you require medical care and you require quick service and thorough aftercare.


  • Why?  If you’re willing to wait weeks or months before you are seen then you might consider this to be an unnecessary cost.  However, if you care about being seen, worked on and rehabilitated ASAP then this is what you need.


  • How much does it cost?  Having previously been covered by AXA and BUPA I am in a good position to compare costs and benefits.  The company that I have partnered with offers up to a 40% discount for self employed people with an additional 25% off your first year.  Just one of the household has to be self employed, so you could protect your entire family.  I recently referred a friend who was previously with BUPA and he has halved his premiums.


  • What do I need to do?  Just complete the short form below and somebody will be in touch to provide you with a non obligatory quote.  Don’t forget, you receive an additional 25% discount in your first year.