Project Management Qualifications

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Do you work in PPI, Packaged Bank Accounts or General Banking Complaints?

  • The FCA has announced its PPI deadline of 29th August 2019 and following this date thousands of people who work in PPI will be out of work.Are you prepared for this date or are you just biding your time hoping for the best?Do you want to be part of the 90% who will have to find new work, may have to spend considerable time unemployed and are likely to receive a reduced income in their new role?Or do you want to be part of the 10% who have taken the time to invest in themselves, their career and their future?

Do you work in Pensions, Remediation or an Investment review?

  • More and more people who work in financial services are becoming Level 4 qualified. However, the majority of large-scale investment reviews are coming to a close. Many contractors are now focusing on studying for their Level 6 exams in order to stand out when applying for new roles. However, there is a concern that going forwards there will not be a sufficient number of places for the number of contractors applying once these major projects wind down. Opting for Level 6 may not leave you with the most employment options.

Why Project Management?

Within all organisations there will always be projects that need managing. These require Project Managers and Business Analysts to devise strategies, develop plans and implement designs. Being professionally qualified as a Project Manager or Business Analyst means that you will no longer be restricted to a particular sector. You will possess highly valuable transferable skills and knowledge, leaving you in a great position to apply for a multitude of contract or employed roles in any industry.

To have the chance of applying for these types of roles you will need to obtain an industry recognised qualification.

Do you want to gain a Project Management qualification (Prince2 or AgilePM) that will future-proof your career and open you up to many new high paying roles?

Why not?

A training course and exams are allowable expenses. By incurring these through your company you will reduce the overall profit, which means that it will also reduce the Corporation Tax payable. By investing in yourself the business will also save tax.

It’s the double whammy of losing income by taking time off work and the cost of the training putting you off doing a course?

What if there was the option to do an intensive course over the weekend that would result in you becoming a qualified Project Management practitioner without having to take off any time from work?

How can you compress a week into 2 days?

All you would need to do is to read through the recommended pre-coursework in advance of the training so that you’re familiar with the key learning areas. Your tutor would schedule a catch up email / call / skype to ensure that you’re in a good position prior to the course starting and then everything else would be completed during the weekend.

This would be an intensive learning course with numbers capped at 8 people to ensure that the trainer can maximise their time with you.

I know for a fact that this works because I have worked alongside an experienced trainer to devise the course then trialled it on myself. I scored over 80% on the Foundation and Practitioner course after just doing some pre reading and 2 days of learning.

Sometimes things don’t quite click and if for some reason you do not pass first time, we will also be offering the guarantee that we will support you for 1 free resit because we are that confident that you won’t need it and it’s in both of our interests that you pass first time.

That sounds great – how much does it cost?

The Training Course will include your examination entry fees and course books, which are ~£550 for AgilePM and ~£500 for Prince 2 (Foundations and Practitioner).

The overall cost of the course will range from £1,100 – £1,400 dependant on location.

If you can provide additional people that will attend at the same time as you then we will be able to offer a discount to you all.

I’m interested – how do I sign up?

If this is something that you would be interested in doing you just need to complete this short form with your details and preferences then we will contact you once we have a sufficient number of candidates to run the course at your required location and date.

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*we require at least 5 attendees to make the course viable to run and we have the flexibility to run it in the most convenient location for you. We will contact you once we have 5 interested parties in your desired location to arrange for a date.